Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mount Phan Si Pang

Location: Phan Si Pang in Hoang Lien Son Mountains, south-west of Sapa, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province.

FEATURES: Phan Si Pang is the highest mountain in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range with elevation 3.143m. This is a museum of natural wonders, hidden behind a vegetation with many endemic species.

With a length of 280 km from the Hoa Binh Phong Tho, the largest horizontal foot of the mountain about 75km, a 45km narrow, three blocks, block Moc Bai Tu Luong, Phan Si Pang blocks and blocks of Luang Pu. Both the roof of this massive hidden wonders how, but the most exotic and mysterious, is the apex of Phan Si Pang ...

Foothills of the rice plants, jackfruit trees, trees with relatively dense form Coc Leu sites (Bangkok Rice), San Coc (Coc Mit) ... from here to altitude is 700m with the tropical belt ties dense forest, tangled vines. From 700m above the floor pomu gymnosperms such as trees, plants have three, four people held without Xue, about 50-60m high, several hundred years old. Pomu (pearl am) was named the gold mines of Lao Cai. Pomu Besides, there are many kinds of precious wood such as territorial sam, sam set, willow sam, kim sam, through red, royal road ... The coniferous ken bare, filled with small trees, soggy because the body is always more to high, more or rain, with rain in the Phan Si Pang for a month in a row. Mixed with coniferous forest, is the azalea flowers, orchids, colorful orioles. Almost four seasons, including Sa Pa is filled with flowers in colors like: lay grace, Dahlia, bgonha, estcola ... are under contract with rare flowers. Particularly azalea have to spend four to two dozen different species. There are places scattered azaleas, both mountain and forest brilliant. In our country can spend 111 and 643 orchid species, the Phan Si Pang own up to 330 species.

2.400m high, the wind sweeping clouds blend with the forest, sometimes spread seized arms thought cloud. From a height of 2.800m, the haze suddenly disappears, the sky clear, blue. Only the wind makes the vegetation must be stuck into the rock. The ground is covered with dwarf structure, the dust about 25-30cm lower structure, the bare trees, the leaf tops with a little stream, this so-called knockout waved ceiling structure. Interspersed are some trees in their rush, they rose, their prince to land ... the original bare bones, constant wind, cold climate ...

2.963m on the high points have marked milestones in 1905 the French to conquer the peak. Up again is a huge stone blocks, are listed up by the small stone table titles. Phan Si Pang top of it! Local language called "Hua-si-pan," meaning that large stones protruding giant lie. Phan Si Pang peaks towering clouds of heaven is structured by such rocks.

Phan Si Pang is such that the roof of Vietnam and Indochina to conquer the hearts horns are climbing enthusiasts of adventure travelers.

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